Why Join the Alliance?

The Alliance offers several benefits to its members:

Joining the Alliance

Participation in the Alliance is open to all persons and companies residing in the Greater Cincinnati area with an interest in promoting public understanding and involvement in chemical risk management. By joining the Alliance, members agree to work with all other members to support the mission and activities of the organization.

Becoming a member of the Alliance is easy! Just fill out the Membership application and return it, along with membership dues (if applicable*), to the Alliance Coordinator, Heather Alessandro.

The Alliance is funded by its industrial members and consultants, as well as by grants. Annual membership dues are determined by number of Tier II Chemicals if you are an industrial member or by number of employees if you are a consulting company. See the tables below for fee scales. Members in the non-regulated public service sector and community representatives are not assessed dues.


Number of EPCRA 312 (Tier II Chemicals) Annual Fee
10 or less$1,000
More than 10$1,500


Number of Employees Annual Fee
More than 10$500